Carbs. Lots of carbs. And some fish

So this dinner was a bit of an evolution that produced a lot of ckid platearbs. All very yummy but too much to ever be recommended to intentionally pair. The original plan was to have this baked potato soup…which is SO good…though rich so it really needs to be paired with a good salad! But then there was a great deal on talapia at Costco and the boys have been digging fish lately so that went in the cart. And THEN dad went to the grocery store and came home with the makings for fish AND chips. And I mean, who is going to say no to homemade french fries??  Continue reading


Tuesday night at IKEA



ball pit

When daddy has late night meetings and I’m left with the boys it normally means a leftover night, but tonight my eldest got his wish and we headed to IKEA. You see, he is obsessed with IKEA. OBSESSED. If you ask him what is on his list of things he’s hoping for any given weekend IKEA will be on top, likely followed by the zoo and park. His love stems from his dual obsession with Smaland, the free kids play area…and the Swedish meatballs. The thing is, IKEA is a zoo on the weekend so it’s normally a no-go. For the last two nights he’s been saying, “how about going to IKEA tonight, it’s not a weekend so it won’t be too busy…” and today I made his night by heading out the door. Continue reading

Parmesan Baked Chicken Nuggets

My mom likes to tell a story about my refusing to eat anything except for bean burritos and chicken tenders for a good 5 years. I’ve grown since then but give me a good chicken nugget and I’m in! Sadly, as soon as I eat one from a fast food joint I’m instantly regretting it. Maybe that’s a good thing since it means no fast food for this family. Wkid.platehat this also means is that our boys don’t like chicken nuggets. I know right, what kid doesn’t like chicken nuggets?!?! That brings us to tonight and the task of making a healthy chicken nugget that our kids will eat (so I can eat one too). The best first step to accomplishing this: have your kid make the food. They are so much more invested to eat something they made! So off we went…
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What’s cooking this week…

Weekly menu planning is a must to make sure we have what we need, are able to get it on the table in plenty of time to start the bedtime routine by 6:30, and stay on budget. We’ll share more about these meals as the week goes on but here’s what’s on our menu board this week:


If any of these look yummy check back to get the scoop!

We all scream for [Ugandan Vanilla Bean] ice cream!


We love ice cream. Especially a good, hand-packed ice cream. And yet we live in the land of Dairy Queen (we also love Dairy Queen) where such ice cream is not readily available. Luckily for us our BFFs live in the land of Jeni’s Ice Cream and over the years have gifted us with an ice cream maker attachment for our stand mixer and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream at Home recipe book. Let the ice cream making begin!  Continue reading