A drink to start the evening: (Minnesota) Gin Martini on the Rocks


No cooking happens in this house before Daddy has made himself a drink to enjoy along the way. Tonight was a classic dry martini on the rocks. Here’s how it’s made: 


  • 1/2 oz dry vermouth
  • 2-3 oz of your favorite gin
  • ice
  • Spanish Queen olives


Pour the vermouth in your favorite mixing tin (we use 1/2 of a Boston shaker).

Fill the tin with ice.

Add 2-3 oz of your favorite gin (it was a 3oz kind of night).

Stir 30 times in each direction.


Strain (we use a Hawthorn strainer) into chilled rocks glass over a large ice cube (the key here is to always have a few of your favorite glasses ready in the freezer). We love the big ice cubes, they keep it cold with minimal watering down.

ice cube

Serve with a Spanish Queen olive or two.


Get cooking!


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