Carbs. Lots of carbs. And some fish

So this dinner was a bit of an evolution that produced a lot of ckid platearbs. All very yummy but too much to ever be recommended to intentionally pair. The original plan was to have this baked potato soup…which is SO good…though rich so it really needs to be paired with a good salad! But then there was a great deal on talapia at Costco and the boys have been digging fish lately so that went in the cart. And THEN dad went to the grocery store and came home with the makings for fish AND chips. And I mean, who is going to say no to homemade french fries?? 

Unlike most nights the little chef didn’t get in on the action because little brother and I were rocking out the sensory bins and there’s no way he was passing up the opportunity to shoot beans across the living room…but he did make it in on time to steal some bacon before it went in the soup so we’ll call it a win. The verdict: either one of these recipes are great. Both in one night, not recommended!




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