Tuesday night at IKEA



ball pit

When daddy has late night meetings and I’m left with the boys it normally means a leftover night, but tonight my eldest got his wish and we headed to IKEA. You see, he is obsessed with IKEA. OBSESSED. If you ask him what is on his list of things he’s hoping for any given weekend IKEA will be on top, likely followed by the zoo and park. His love stems from his dual obsession with Smaland, the free kids play area…and the Swedish meatballs. The thing is, IKEA is a zoo on the weekend so it’s normally a no-go. For the last two nights he’s been saying, “how about going to IKEA tonight, it’s not a weekend so it won’t be too busy…” and today I made his night by heading out the door. If you have an IKEA nearby (ours is ~15 minutes away) you should book it there on a Tuesday night. It’s pretty darn quiet, Smaland normally doesn’t have a wait and kids eat free (+ baby food is always free with an adult entree)! Tonight dinner for me and the boys was a whopping $4.99! There are great options for everyone, lots of organic, responsibly sourced and vegetarian fare…and I can’t think of anywhere that is more family friendly – they even have bibs if you need them. If I didn’t have the baby in tow I would be in heaven drinking my free tea and getting some work done in the restaurant while he frolicked in the ball pit. Tuesday nights at IKEA will be joining our family rotation!


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