Crock-pot chicken tacos & margaritas

Today we had our carpets cleaned & had gymnastics tonight. TranslatIMG_7279ion, we had to be out of the house until it was time to eat and then rush the boys upstairs so they didn’t get soaked by the sopping wet clean carpets (which the cleaner hilariously called “cool to the touch” HA!). This led to the easiest meal ever…chicken taco meat in a crock-pot.  Continue reading


Pizza Margherita

I either REALLY like pizza, or I won’t touch it. And when I mean like, I mean eat the whole pie in one sitting like. There are a handful of places that will get meIMG_7275 to this point but make at home pizza is always a flop for me. That’s likely because up until this point we’ve always used store-bought dough. That all changed tonight and the outcome was outstanding (eat the  whole pie good). This takes a little effort (you have to make the dough several hours in advance) but is well worth it!  Continue reading

Sheet Pan Chicken Tikka

Tonight was gymnastics night so there was no little chef in the kitchen BUT dinner was so amazing when we got home it is worth posting. If you’re looking for an amazing chicken dish, look no further. We took this straight from smitten kitchen, and per usual, Deb did not disappoint!  This one takes about chicken90 minutes start to finish so might be better for a weekend meal. If you’re visiting us any time soon it will most definitely be on our dinner party menu!
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One pan: Creamy Lemon Chicken Penne

It’s been a while since our last post…we’re on day 25 of strep throat in our house so there have been no kiddos allowed in the kitchen for a while! IMG_7015But we’re back (yay for the the third antibiotic!) and this one is a goodie!

Before we moved into Minneapolis proper we used to visit a great little restaurant much closer to our old house, Ingredients Cafe. It is an unassuming place in a strip mall but it has some great food – including a Lemon Caper Chicken Penne dish I love. This attempt to recreate is soooo close…but we failed to add the capers (I know…if only “capers” had been in the name of the recipe we were trying to make! Oh…). Next time they will be a must!

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